Amy Florence Moseley
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Amy Florence Moseley

Amy Florence Moseley

By Amy Florence Moseley

View: What is your Background?

Amy: I was born in East London and moved to Florence when I was 18 to train at a classical Atelier teaching a technique that stems directly from the Renaissance. I later went on to teach at that Atelier for 5 years. I kept intending to leave Florence but 9 years later and I am still here. I have a beautiful north light studio, purpose built for painters in 1873. Italy is a beautiful country that offers so much to artists, the landscape is myriad and changes so much throughout the year, and there is always more to see and do. 


View: What inspired you to move to Florence?

Amy: I moved here initially because I could not find this level of artistic training in the UK. I first saw a painting by a student of the Atelier and I could not believe that people could paint that way anymore, it looked like the paintings I’d admired at museums. I always had a fascination for Italy, I remember visiting as a child and the orange glow of the evening light stayed with me. It seemed like a fairytale place and when the opportunity to study here arose, it felt completely right that I would move here. 


View: What is your creative process like?

Amy: I paint every day. Sometimes in the studio with models, sometimes outside. When you train your eye and use it intensely every day, it changes the way that you see everything, you cannot turn it off. I am always painting mentally, and when I see something and think ‘That’s a painting’ I get my brushes and I paint it. 


View: Has your style changed over the years, if so how?

Amy: I think it is and always will evolve. I can see my work getting more impressionist, and looser as the time between my classical training and my current work increases. 


View: What do you believe is a key element in creating a good composition?

Amy: There is a lot of theory behind what makes a good composition but for me it is a feeling, it has to be balanced and intriguing and serve the purpose of the idea.


View: What do you look for in a subject matter?

Amy: It is something that catches my eye, a feeling that I get that I want to share. The fleeting times of day are my favourite, they are so enigmatic, I’ve recently been painting sunsets where there is about 5 – 10 minutes before everything changes, so you have to paint fast!


View: What is your favourite piece of art?

Amy: This changes all of the time, and there is a very long list. I like a lot of Tonalist work and Impressionist painters. George Inness is a favourite that I keep coming back to. He paints with feeling, you can feel that when you look at his work. 

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Amy Florence Moseley was born in Homerton, east London, in 1989 and lived in Hackney until the age of 18 when she moved to Florence, Italy, in order to enhance her skills by learning a technique that stems directly from the renaissance, the sight-size method. A method with deep historical roots. Its starting point begins back in 17th century when famous artists as Titian referred to it for his art work. The results are satisfying to so many, because of the superficial accuracy and the faithful representation that provides. The ability to draw accurately is unquestionably important. This exactness is so important, that even the shoes of the artist must be consistent because of a difference in the height of the heel can throw off the accuracy of the measuring process.

“ In this way one sees a unified image to scale and proportion, and is essentially the visual impression of light and shadow seen from distance” – Amy Florence Moseley

A teaching role at the atelier was the next step for her career, which instantly happened due to her unique talent. In October 2013, Amy founded Studio Donatello providing short courses and private tuition. The first exhibition of her work took place at the Mall Galleries with the Royal Portrait Society in London, and was invited to exhibit her first solo show at the Palazzo Tornabuoni in Florence in November 2014. Her second solo show was at The Modern Pantry, London, in November 2015.

The artist now has a private studio in the historic centre of Florence, where she works predominantly from life under natural light.

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